Wednesday, 3 August 2011


before honey nak close for a while blog honey nie...nak jgak sertai GA yg dtwarkan oleh cik wirda best je..lgpon tarikh tutup lmbat lg..
nak sertai jgak!!!
cm best je hdiah dia...cute tul beg tuh...nak!!!!
hmm senang je nak sertai GA nie...
ok...honey nak tempek dlu bannernye...

cmne nak join??caranye:

1. First of all , do LIKE pn WirdaWarna Facebook page
2. Make a simple entry about this GiveAway and dont forget to put on the banner in your entry (which provided up there) .
3. Do follow & blogshop WIRDAWARNA, just to make you easier with this giveaway updates .
4. Do tag at least 2 of your friends and make sure that they aware with your tag.
list their names
5. DONE ! and leave your link....

hmm snang kan??
try la join..
nak tgok hdiahnye??

cntik gile begnye...nak....

tarikh tutup: 25 ogos 2011....

so...honey nak tagkan GA nie pd kwn2 honey..


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